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I can’t think of a better one to start our image series than with an image of Dorothy starting off along the yellow brick road.


The Wizard of Oz is a timeless movie largely because it touches on human truths that mean a lot to us even if we don’t single out exactly why. In short, the movie resonates with humanity.


At the beginning of the film Dorothy is living with her aunt and uncle in a pretty bleak place. Surely, not being with her parents, there have been prior challenges in Dorothy’s life. She is young, coming of age, and ripe for change.


Coincident with this, she is facing a serious challenge. A mean and vindictive neighbor wants to destroy her dog Todo after being bitten by the little beast. A powerful woman, this nasty neighbor intimidates Dorothy’s guardians who seem to her powerless to protect her dog.


In desperation, Dorothy runs away and upon returning is swept up in the tornado that carries her to Oz.


There she is greeted by friendly Munchkins and a good witch gives her a pair of magic ruby slippers. Nevertheless, her friends cannot help her directly, other than to point her along a path to recovery, the yellow brick road. There she meets challenges, and new friends, each of whom has his own challenges to face in life.


Once having arrived at the Emerald City, a powerful the powerful and frightening wizard promises the group of friends that if Dorothy seeks out and defeats the evil which of the West she will be free to return to Kansas. Dorothy embarks on this challenge, succeeds, only to return to Oz and discover that the grand Wizard is a fake. Yet another disappointing adult who, though ‘not a very good wizard,’ is a nice though hapless man.


He promises to take Dorothy back to Kansas, but ineptly mishandles his hot air ballon, and Dorothy is accidentally left behind.


Glynda, the good witch then appears and tells Dorothy that she has always had the means within her to return home, and informs her that with a click of the heels of her magic ruby slippers she will achieve her end.


The beauty of the movie is consistent with the way be think of our patients at Wellness First. We all are on a journey and we all face challenges in life. Our success will be assured once we find our magic slippers within.


While, like Glynda, the good witch, we can’t directly solve our patient’s problems, we do believe that we can help our patients find their yellow brick road and discover within themselves the ruby red slippers that have always been there.

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