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Substance Abuse Treatment

Getting clean is a pleasure seeking enterprise 

Success is dependent on motivation and preparation 

Durable abstinence happens to those who discover life's natural highs, and have the confidence and strength to shape life in ways that provide fulfillment.

 In deciding to begin treatment patients are often concerned that in giving up drugs they will be creating a void. No one wants to 'run on empty' for very long, and it is our business at WFPA to help patients fill this void as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to a substance abuse problem, and often there is a period of time during which the patient feels depleted and discouraged.  This is why educating and motivating our patients is so important.  We sincerely believe that the patients we accept into the program can make it and transition from an addiction to drugs to an addiction to life.  Many can even expect to be able to get free from controlled substances.    


It is our firm belief that your recovery will be a highly rewarding process, though these rewards can take time to become a reality. Don't discount your future, faith in the possibility of a good outcome is an important motivator.  


Our treatment approach is grounded on the belief that recovery eventually leads to a net increase in enjoyment of life.  During the period of your recovery we will do everything possible to help you realize these benefits as early as possible.  

Many of our patients take advantage of MAT- medication assisted treatment.  For those with opiate dependence the drug of choice is often Buprenorphine.

Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subtext) is an opiate with mixed agonist/antagonist properties.  This means that Buprenorphine is a real opiate but has properties that moderate its effects, is essence, it has its own internal breaks,  making it safer and less abusable than methadone.  In our experience patients who are addicted to opiates can rapidly switch to Buprenorphine and be comfortably stabilized within days.


Buprenorphine is available in either of two sublingual forms.  Suboxone is the most widely used and consists of Buprenorphine bound with the antagonist, Naltrexone.  The idea of the Naltrexone is that it is a sort of chemical padlock.  When taken by mouth little or none of the Naltrexone is absorbed and the patient enjoys the full effect and benefit of the medicine.  If on the other hand, the drug is diverted and attempts are made to crush or otherwise adulterate the tablet, the Buprenorphine is contaminated with Naltrexone and the medication is rendered less effective.


Buprenorphine is a not a treatment for opiate dependence, rather, it is a tool that allows patients to simulate being drug free, patients can then begin to adapt to a drug free life style and focus on their treatment.  


Most patients stay on Buprenorphine for at least a year in preparation for a successful taper off of the drug and maintenance of a fulfilling drug free life.

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