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  • How can I schedule an appointment?
    Simply call the main practive number, 919 810-3536, and choose option 1 to reach our intake specialist. Carole will be happy to answer your questions and orient you to our clinic. Our administrative staff is part time, if there is no direct pick-up, your call will be answered within 4 hours weeksays. We look forward to hearing from you with your inquiries.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do not. We find that handling 3rd party payments creates administrative overhead and productivity pressures that distract from patient care. Nevertheless, many insurance plans will reimpurse their policy holders at an out of network rate. We are prepared to electronically submit, 'super bills' to your insurance company to expedite your reimbursement. Additionally, we try and price our work to make it affordable to out of pocket patients. Our admin. staff will be happy to answer any questions around our fee for service work and insurance concerns.
  • How can we help you get reimbursed?
    While we are a fee for service practice not participating in direct third party payment, we are happy to submit a CMS 1500 form for you which hopefully will expedite your insurance company reimbursing you Please note that reimbursement amounts are decided by your insurance company and are dependent on the particular contract you have purchased. Though we cannot guarantee reimbursement, electronic filing of your visits is the best way to expedite the process. Contact your plan to determine what you are entitled to when working with an out of network practice requiring that payments be made to you. Should you decide to use this option, contact our administrator to discuss your options.
  • Why we don't accept insurance?
    The simple answer is that insurance adds a layer of administrative overhead which ultimately distracts doctors and therapists from time that otherwise would be devoted to patients. Insurance also tries to dictate everything from fees to treatment plans. We are devoted to patient care, insurance companies are concerned with internal profits. We recognize that our not accepting insurance can be frustrating for patients but it should be kept in mind that mental health care is amongst the least costly elements of total US health care services. Insurance is useful to have for incredibly costly medical proceedures such as surgeries that almost none of us can afford out of pocket. One unnecessary CT scan can cost an insurance company in the neighborhood of a year of mental health treatment. Unfortunately, adequate mental health care is often challenged by insurance companies while the CT scans proceed apase. In the end, mental health services are a scapegoat. We try and keep the cost of our care in line with what is reasonable as an out of pocket expense. We take pride in offering a service that our patients feel is of equal value, if not more, to what they pay for. By avoiding the inderect costs, largely time, our clinicians conserve energy to devote directly to our patients.
  • What is the initial intake session like?
    Intake sessions last 30 to 45 minutes. During this time the professional you are meeting with will be clarifying with you the nature of your concerns in a way that creates actionable treatment. We will be helping you identify the strengths you have that can be recruited, and will be carefully trying to help you define weaknesses that may be impediments. Much can be put into context by learning about your past treatment, family history, and the current context of your life circumstances. It is our aim that you will find your initial session informative and motivating. We hope you leave the session with the sense of optimism we have for all of our patients.
  • How often will we meet?
    The frequency of sessions is individulized to meet your needs and the realities of your budget. In short, we meet with patients at a frequency that represents the sweet spot between wanting to intrude in your life as little as possible, while at the same time wanting to encourage the most rapid pathway for you to meet your goals. Typically, I patient will meet with our prescribers at least every two weeks while medications are being stabilized, and once every 12 weeks for those whose medicatons are balanced and working well. Patients in counselling usually come for sessions every 2 to 4 weeks.
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