At Wellness we view counseling as a very important part of the treatment process. . Doctor McEwen likes to remind his patients that  a doctor and his medicines is like a sports trainer.   As such, he can wrap a patient’s ankle and get him  back on the playing field of life, but it is the counselor who deals with the complexities of each patient’s life circumstances.   Most people who have an ideal treatment response will get 80 percent of the benefit rom counseling with the remainder of benefit  coming from the medications.  


One can look at a counselor as a life coach. There are often subtleties in human psychology as well as in the particular life challenges people face that will benefit from insight, and eventual change.  Through counseling strengths can be identified  and enjoyed, weaknesses addressed and motivation enhanced and positively directed.

Patients working with us will notice the respect our therapists have for them as well as for the  challenges they are facing in their life circumstances.