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6-1-2021.  Site first published

6-2-2021. Terra edited the mobile website

6-4-2021 d set up quick action enabling calling on mobile.  Linked my image to my description page.  Cleaned up some                        fonts for consistency.  Began FB ad yesterday

6-5-2021  Added FB social button

6-12-2021 Cleaned up appearance of google maps on phone display, copy editing cleanup up per Larry's input. 

6-13-2021 Initiated SEO optimization and connection with Google

6-15-2021 Added new blog entry and learned how to assign posts to specific catagories

6-15-2021 - Worked on completing google business profile - need to ask dr m about why it said requested verification post card being sent by ground mail?

6-15-2021 set up google analytics and linked it with wix

6-15-2021 submitted  the site map via google counsel from wix dashboard - please note every time we change anything on the website we have to resend the site map, or atleast the URL of the page we changed)

6-16-2021Indexed with with google through wix dashboard "get found on google" - - did not set up google ads because it does cost money ( we have a 100$ free credits to use for advertising if we want)

6-17-2021 Linked the facebook icon on the homepage of the website to our WFPA facebook page, so that the link actually works.

6-17- 2021 - Optimized the SEO of our blog by  setting the blogs page title for search results - changed it to what wix recommended Blog | Wellness First Psychiatric | Durham, for localized SEO- we still need to add a description for search results, need Dr M's help with that

6-18-2021 Added published items to our blog.

6-29-2021 Changed Header

7-30-2021 added FB social bar to blog page

8-27-2021 Changed quirky image to new image and link

11-8-2021 Minor editing changes of home page links

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