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Ok, What are We up to with our New and Upgraded Website?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

A Website has the obvious role of attracting attention to one's business. We certainly want to do that,

but more importantly we also want this to be a place where we reveal our identity to the public. All too often clinicians are thought of as faceless commodities that end up on some insurance company's list of providers. As a patient, I would not seek help that way anymore than I'd want to buy a work of art sight unseen.

This is an upgrade of an old website that ended up being static because it was so hard to edit., the platform upon which the site was developed, allows for facile editing so our content can easily evolve.

We hope this site will be a place that introduces our clinicians, provides useful information and links, and allows the public to get to know how we think. In short, we want to reveal our identity.

Comments on the site are not only welcome but will be appreciated. The 'Email Us' section at the bottom of the Home page is a good place to offer feedback

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