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Kelly Doyle, DNP

Kelly Doyle, DNP is a Board Certified adult and adolescent psychiatric nurse practitioner.  Dr. Doyle completed both her M.S./PMHNP and DNP at the University of Massachusetts.  She completed residency training in psychiatry at Duke University and the Durham VAMC where she received specialized training in PTSD, Trauma-focused interventions, and completed a pilot study for military veterans with PTSD using a breath-based yoga intervention. She has a B.A. in History and English from Kenyon College and an Masters of Fine Arts from Brown University. 

While all patients 12 years and older are welcome, special fields of interest include adult and geriatric psychopharmacology, Substance abuse and recovery, Adult and Adolescent ADHD, sleep disorders, treatment resistant depression (TRD), mood and anxiety disorders, and women’s health mood disorder issues. Dr. Doyle offers traditional medication management, MAT, and Ketamine treatment with therapeutic support.  She utilizes genetic testing and employs an evidence based, personalized approach to behavioral health treatment.  She was a full time member of the faculty at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Graduate Schools of Nursing and Medicine from 2017-2021.  As an adjunct Professor she continues to work with clinical trainees.

In her free time she enjoys travel, outdoor activities, writing, and music.  She loves to hang out with her awesome dogs Isabel and Spike, and provide “service on demand” to her two cats Dexter and Madeline.



  • Adult and geriatric psychopharmacology

  • Substance abuse and recovery

  • Adult and Adolescent ADHD

  • Sleep disorders

  • Treatment resistant depression (TRD)

  • Mood and anxiety disorder  

  • Women’s health mood disorder issues

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